The move to a new blog site

I planned to move my blog because i found out i have maxed the photo limit i can upload…

And i really enjoy sharing the sceneries i have seen on my travels to the world hehe so i am moving my blog to a new site.

Moving my new blog to 🙂



Finally after 3 straight long days im off. I worked 5 shifts in total last week. This is a well deserved off day.

I spent my morning doing the letter for my youngersisters uk visa immigration and also the itinerary bit. Which most of the places i plan to take her are in zone 1 of London.

Im booked for my AED training today and im excited about it. Its about cardioversion making use of their hand held defib device. And i plan to have revalidation study day as well asi an clueless on UK’s new rule replacing Prep.

Overall this day ended well and that ive learned something new and thats what i like about being a nurse. Learning in this career is never ending.


id check for direct hire and itinerary planning

i had my night shift work on Feb 17, ending on Feb 18 morning, i decided to wait a bit more for my scheduled identity check with the hospital.

i brought in the papers needed such as bank statement, passport including the UK work visa in it, HMRC . never did i know , i will just hand that it, they scanned it and it was done.simple as that, i thought there was an interview of some sort but there was none.

i went home, slept a bit as i was awake for 36 hours already. woke up around 2pm and did the itinerary planning for my youngersister’s possible UK visit.

Itinerary planning is really difficult and as my sister said, its needed for the UK Visa application.its my 2nd time doing one. as an amateur and i have no idea how its done, i just simply search through the internet and with the help of google maps, i jotted down some places to see. London has so many amazing architectural buildings im sure she will love, just like me. the hardest part so far was looking for a place to play and i am hoping it will all be sorted soon. just a shame that i have work shifts on some dates that she’ll be coming to visit, but then again, i needed the money…and i am not direct hire yet.

i hope things go well with her application and if she does get the UK visa, i hope the itinerary I did will allow her to enjoy and see UK’s beauty in a short almost 2 weeks visit

moving to permanent contract

i guess the most challenging part of this day was all about the transfer to permanent job contract on my part.

i have a bit of conflict due to the fact i am also waiting for my interview (fiance visa).

early this morning,i got up early just to talk to the HR department telling me that they will give way and wait for me to have the passport back from the fiance visa interview before they would give me the certificate of sponsorship (CoS) for changing my work visa.

i went home and had to start doing the requirements this afternoon. health declaration form wasnt hard. the most challenging part for me was the immunization questionnaire and needing the immunization certificates and evidences on laboratory results to be scanned and sent through email. its very tedious. i had to rummage through my old paperworks done way back in Sept 2014 before my flight to work in UK.

after that, i went to do grocery shopping with my friend at ASDA. i rested at their place first having some afternoon snacks and warm tea. when i was about to leave around 6:30pm, i received a voice mail that someone is interested in buying my printer.(second hand) and i rushed home by walking. i wanted my printer to be sold because i am not using it much and it adds to the plenty of things in my room or when i move out.

i needed to scan my documents for the immunization questionnaire. so i did that first then, called up the potential buyer. she came in 15 minutes. she saw it printed. then she haggled my price from 20 pounds to 15 pounds. i was dumbfounded. she kept insisting i didnt have the black cartridge though which she needed to buy. but i told her that when i bought it 45 pounds it didnt have the cartridge as well. but in the end she won. i then realized… people stereotype Chinese race being extra thrifty… basically thats not true… even British people are! basically … everyone wants to save! she left with the printer and as for me i got my small sum of cash.

i finished up the last part of the needed documentation for direct hire… it was the DBS and setting appointment at the hospital for identity checks. this took me so much time until its nearly 12mn.

what a day…i have to say… still thank you God i have completed all 3 needed documents for direct hire… in just a day! and thank you God i have a customer who bought my printer… this day was a day off well spent as i did so much in 24 hours… 🙂


First day back

My first day back at work was what i felt like a hall of shame as people kept asking me whats the reason.

This day quickly went by which was good. I hate people gossiping behind my back. But i have no choice. I have to hold my head high. Because theres no other way to go but to move on and continue with life.

Sometimes i think God has been not nice of me making me go through so much just for the sake of being together with my fiance… but maybe one day ill look at it differently. God is preparing me to endure this to be with my fiance.

Life is not always good. Sometimes it throws you lemons… but you have to be a fighter…not give up. Storms and winds will pass leaving us soon with a sunny day of hope to look forward to.


Valentines 2016

Unfortunately i cant post photos anymore at my blog and i am thinking that i might be continuing my blog with a different name.

February 14 is happy hearts day.

Happy hearts day has never been really a day i look forward to when i was younger until present. Usually i spend it as a sigle awareness day haha or… like a friends get together day.

Yes im engaged. My fiance did gave me surprises but because he is faraway…i spent this day like a friends get together day in the morning.

I am back at Cambridge. And so me my friend decided to try out the new buffet restaurant Nines. (Too bad i cant post photos again hehe)

Overall i like the ambiance the food and enjoyed it more with my friend. The bad part which is something i couldnt escape is meeting familiar faces. One of which was my Pinay mentor. Dont get me wrong my pinay mentor was nice. Its just that she said something that wasnt pleasant. (You came back Jubi because i heard you left without saying a word) well if she knew the real story …you will know there was a miscommunication throughout. I had to swallow my anger and just leave friend also urged me to leave the place as she felt awkward for me.

We then continued our conversation at Costa. She enjoyed her tea and for me.. my cafe latte. It was a well spent cold windy afternoon indeed.

I went home opening laptop and skype and had my feb 14 valentine skype date with my fiance… we watched 28 weeks later. It was a gruesome movie lol.but i understand guys like movies that are like that.

Being faraway from each other …i am blessed to have a very sweet loving and kind fiance. Thank you for the unexpected gift.thank you for spending time with me as well through skype.thank you for listening to my endless worries and by simply being there despite all the odds and unlucky times i have since i came back from Philippines. I love you babe. 🙂

Thanking God for a great day and hoping he can give me the courage for tomorrow…to endure my first shift back.


the move back to cambridge

i have been worried for today’s move that i wasnt able to sleep so well last night.

the movers came by 7:44 am so it was a good idea i did woke up early and prepared for his coming.

after all the things were placed into his van, we left the london temporary house im in.

i felt sad leaving the flatmates i met there who were nice and kind to me during my stay, but life goes on. Cambridge is waiting for me.

by 9:40 am, we reached the new place i am going to stay. i met the new flatmates who helped me in carrying my stuff to my new room. my new room is smaller and the bed is only a single but it is fine. with the help of my friend, we were able to fix my room into what i like by 2pm. we hada late lunch as i cooked some spam for her .

overall, this day was tiring too. but i felt lucky having a friend who helped me unpack. and hoping to get to know my new set of flatmates. i also submitted my online application for direct hire.wish me luck on the application.

taking this chance to greet my fiance happy birthday … 🙂